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We no longer offer a free ISP service. Our quality high speed ISP access is now available,
as a paid ISP service. We may be able to offer a limited free ISP service again in the future.
Welcome to Zubee Free ! Free Internet access
for everyone ! Free ISP for Canada and the USA.
We offer fast unlimited free internet access to most of North American, including Alaska and Hawaii. 
free ISP dial up access service numbers

Very Quick Download
Easy Install
1000's of free ISP access numbers available for the business traveler
Works with  AOL clients
Powerful Google Search
No annoying popup ads while surfing
 Search bar can be used on a network
Chose any free 6-MB email address from our Free Email Center
Keeps your existing home page
Works with Hotmail and most messaging services

Free Internet for Everyone!
If your family or friends do
not have access to the Internet,
Zubee! Free ISP can be downloaded
onto a small floppy disk. They can
then setup there own account by
logging on as a guest.
 A Pentium Class computer is recommended. ISP Internet Access


Now you are surfing the web for free with 100 MB of disk storage and free voicemail!

Are you considering a high speed Internet hook-up? On a waiting list?
If you don't do a lot of downloads, this free Internet service may be all you need.
Try our new free ISP service, it's 100% free!
We may be better than the ISP you are using.
Zubee Free! will not delete your current ISP settings.

*Will be available for Mac users
and we will be offering our own pop mail accounts

You can keep your current pop mail account and use our SMPT server to send email

Free Internet access for life!
Internet Access ISP   Free voicemail, and 100 MB of free Internet storage space. Zubee! Global Calling Card

No Need to pay Web Hosting Fees any Longer
1000's have already registered their free domain name
Bring your business or homepage online now!

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